Tips for Getting Into Photography With No Experience

Tips for Getting Into Photography With No Experience

Photography is a powerful tool that many people overlook. This art form captures and preserves many instances throughout life that would otherwise be lost forever. For example, the most famous photo, “The Man on the Moon,” wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been documented with a camera.

Do you dream of taking your own photos or starting your own photography business but don’t know where to start because of inexperience? Don’t worry. Anybody can get into photography with no experience—it just takes some practice and help.

Hit the Books

There are countless photography books you can purchase or check out at your local library. Also, the internet is a wonderful place to find information and watch tutorials. Browse photography books to learn more about different techniques and tricks, and use internet portfolios for inspiration. You don’t necessarily need to go to school to learn photography, but you do need some baseline knowledge to understand what you’re doing.

Choose a Camera

When you’re just beginning your journey in the art of photography, you might assume you need a professional camera right away. While you can go this route if you have the budget, you can always use your smartphone camera (depending on your phone). For instance, you can get the most out of your iPhone camera if you know which settings to adjust or the tricks that help with composition.

Don’t be afraid to use your phone’s camera. When you use these devices correctly, you can take professional-looking photos. Consider using your smartphone until your budget allows for an actual camera.

Find Landscapes or People for Practice

What type of photography do you plan on learning? It would be beneficial to know a few different kinds of photography to round out your skillset. To develop your techniques, look for people who are willing to let you practice on them, or find landscapes and buildings around your location to photograph. The more people you work with and photos you take, the more you can gain clients and build your portfolio.

Write Down a Bucket List or Goals

Having something to work toward, like a bucket list or specific goals, will ensure you develop your photography skills and gain more experience. Your goals might include learning new techniques, building a portfolio, expanding your network, finding a mentor, and much more. A bucket list can encourage you to find new places and test your skills on various landscapes or individuals. If you don’t have goals or a bucket list, you might not practice your photography as much as you should.

It is very possible for you to build your skills and get into photography with little to no experience. With some practice and guidance, you could start a business or become the designated photographer for your friends and family. Either way, photography is a great skill to learn because it helps you see the world through a different lens and become aware of the beauty all around you.

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