How To Properly Take Care of Your Camera Lenses

How To Properly Take Care of Your Camera Lenses

A camera’s lens is one of its most critical components. If you do not take proper care of your camera lenses, it can prevent you from photographing clean images. Follow our care instructions below to ensure your equipment is in pristine condition for the best photos.

Always Use a Lens Cap

You may have multiple different lenses in your equipment to shoot varying images. When one lens is not mounted to your camera, it must always have a cap on to protect it from scratches or dings. This typically includes a cap on the front and back of the lens to keep the optical elements of the device from being exposed to the outside.

How To Properly Take Care of Your Camera Lenses

Do Not Touch the Lens Glass

Whenever you’re exchanging one lens on your camera for a different one, you cannot touch the glass on the lens, or you will leave oil marks or smudges. While you can remove these smudges with a microfiber cloth, they can be highly annoying if you’re attempting to capture the perfect image, only to realize the shot was compromised by fingerprints. Only ever touch the body of the lens when removing and placing it, and keep the cap on it to prevent your fingers from coming into contact with the glass.

Have a Microfiber Cloth and Soft-Bristle Brush Handy

Don’t forget to have cleaning tools handy in your camera equipment to quickly and easily wipe away dust, sand, and debris from the lens while you’re shooting. The microfiber cloth can clean any substances or smudges on the lens, and the soft-bristled brush will sweep away debris without harming the lens. You should always use these tools over your shirt sleeve or anything else because it won’t ruin the glass.

Store Away From Moisture and Humidity

When you store your equipment when it’s not being used, keep it in a cool, dry place away from moisture and humidity. If water seeps into the lens, you may need to upgrade your camera equipment, which could become expensive if you need to replace many components. To avoid this, always be aware of how you’re placing these devices in their pouches or bags and store them somewhere in your home that will protect them and keep water out.

If you do not properly take care of your camera lenses, it can quickly become an expensive fix. This equipment cannot take crisp photos without well-maintained devices. Ensure you’re cleaning, storing, and using these lenses correctly to avoid unwanted damage and increase their life span.

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