5 Tips for Taking Better Photos When Traveling

5 Tips for Taking Better Photos When Traveling

Using your own photos can really boost the reputation of your travel blog. But what do you do if you’re not an expert photographer? Thankfully, there are some easy tricks to follow that will make your pictures pop. Keep reading to learn five tips for taking better photos when traveling.

1. Wait for Golden and Blue Hours

Knowing the golden and blue hours is vital to getting good pictures while you travel. The golden hours are those near sunset, while the blue hours occur just after sunrise. During these times, colors are softer and more compelling than those taken in bright afternoon sunlight. Taking pictures during these times will dramatically improve your photos.

2. Know Boat Photography Rules

Taking photos when you’re moving can be tricky, and it’s even harder in vehicles. There are special rules for taking pictures on boats and in other vehicles; for example, it’s best to use a high shutter speed so your photos don’t end up blurry. You may also want to sit down so you’re less likely to fall while snapping pics.

3. Remember the Rule of Thirds

Probably the most important tip for taking better photos while traveling is to pay attention to the rule of thirds. Imagine a 3×3 grid (like a tic-tac-toe board) on top of your photo frame. For more interesting photo composition, you want to place your subject at the points where the lines intersect instead of in the center. For landscapes, line up the horizon with one of the horizontal lines.

4. Plan Your Shots

While most travel bloggers try to make their photos look spontaneous, they’re probably not. To get good photos, you need to pay attention to things like the background and other surroundings before snapping a photo. Make sure no tall objects are directly behind your head. If you can, angle your shots away from trash, electrical lines, and pieces of advertising.

5. Avoid the Crowds

No one wants crowds of tourists in the backgrounds of their pictures. If you want to have truly amazing photos, you should consider visiting your desired location during the offseason so it’s just you and the locals.

We hope these five tips for taking better photos when traveling help you create the blog of your dreams. Now get out there and snap some pics!

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