Tips for Making Extra Money Around the Holidays

Tips for Making Extra Money Around the Holidays

Whether you’re saving up to buy presents or need to restock your fridge, everyone could use a little extra money around the holidays. Side hustles are great for lining your wallet with more cash because it doesn’t take away from your full-time day job. If you need more finances this holiday season, consider one of our foolproof ideas!

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Let’s start with something easy and mindless to kickstart this ultimate list. Pet sitting for friends and family or walking your neighbor’s dog for a small price is great because you can still do everything you usually would throughout the day. For example, if you’re pet-sitting for your friend over the weekend, you can still enjoy the comfort of your own home and get all your chores done—you just have to deal with a cute little furry face following you around the whole time!

Wrap Gifts for a Fee

Let’s face it, not everyone is great at wrapping gifts, and not everyone enjoys it either. Some parents out there will pay you to wrap their Christmas gifts for them. This is also a mindless job because you can pop in your favorite holiday movie and go to town wrapping anything and everything.

Tips for Making Extra Money Around the Holidays

Work for a Rideshare Company

If you have nothing better to do on your nights off, why not work for companies such as Uber or Lyft and offer rides to residents in your location? However, ensure you understand everything about rideshares and the holidays so you know the rules and regulations if you provide a driving service through these companies. You can easily make a decent amount of money by providing rides once or twice a week.

Sell Items You No Longer Use

You can use several online platforms to sell items you no longer want, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Go through your home to find any appliances, clothing, or miscellaneous items you no longer need and sell them. This is a fast way to make extra money around the holidays, plus you’re decluttering your house!

Work as a Grocery Shopper

Nowadays, many people are using grocery services that require a shopper to pick out items at the store that will either be delivered or picked up. You can do this through apps such as Instacart, where you can set your own schedule. All you have to do is go to the customer’s desired grocery store, add items to their cart, make substitutes when necessary, and check out the items for delivery or pick up—it’s super easy.

The holidays can be stressful for everyone. When you need to make a quick buck, any of the ideas above will work great for you! So, what job do you think you’ll try out first?

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