Why You Should Setup A Blog With WordPress

I only entered the blogosphere in late 2015 after realizing that I was missing out on an important part of the whole “online communication” genre. As I had previous experience with writing articles for businesses I used to work for and dabbled in YouTube very briefly, I figured combining the best bits of those would make for another great hobby. With that in mind, I soon launched my very first blog and the rest is history. Although I initially started out on Blogger, I eventually migrated over to WordPress as I believe that they offer one of the best blogging communities out there. So here are the reasons why I think you should definitely consider WordPress for your blog.

My decision to go with WordPress had everything to do with my having complete control over the site. Since I use Lyrical Host (use my code BLOGGINGANGELS to get 10% off their packages!), I discovered that my web hosting company offers over thirty different software downloads for its members. WordPress and a few other blogging entities are represented, but I selected WordPress not long after I worked for a local marketing company who sung its praises and I got to have a go at using it myself. I saw how easy and customisable it was, so I was sold immediately.

Within two or three minutes of my download, I had WordPress up and running. In less than thirty minutes, I had the layout I wanted, although I kept the traditional template in place as I knew I wanted to work on my content first and on the design later. Next, I updated the links on my two related sites to reflect a “Blog” tab. In addition, I picked a few places within each site to announce the new blogs and I emailed everyone on my members list to inform them of my entrance into the world of blogs.

Beyond the updates, I enjoy using the administrative dashboard which allows me to create my blog. Because I include pictures with my blog, I also have to make certain that the HTML I use to put each picture in its place [alignment] is exact. WordPress allows for you to do that.

In addition, I like the fact that WordPress allows administrators to schedule their entries. You can blog today, but schedule your submission to appear online at an appointed time several days away. Since much of my writing inspiration comes in bunches, I often will tackle several days worth of entries at once and spread them out over the coming week. If I want to later change the timing of an entry or squeeze in a separate one, I can do that too.

WordPress is current with today’s web standards and looks much cleaner and professional than some of its competitors. You can change the template over to one that is in the WordPress arsenal or design a template yourself and upload it to your site instead.

Yes, WordPress is designed to be set up through your own web host, but if you do not have a web site, you can get a free account through WebPress and they will host it for you. I would however recommend going self-hosted as you will have a lot more cotrol over your content – this blog post breaks down the benefits of being self-hosted perfectly.

Although Word Press is an “open source” community, meaning it is derived from and driven by volunteers, they have an active forum and many helpful links to assist you with building and maintaining your own blog.

Overall, I am a very satisfied WordPress customer. You can be a satisfied blogger too whether you select WordPress through your web host or host your blog directly with them.

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