How To Market Your Graphic Design Business

How To Market Your Graphic Design Business

Every day, more and more businesses are deciding to create their own online presence to increase brand awareness and sales. The demand for graphic designers is also increasing as a result, and many graphic artists are jumping on these new opportunities. For new graphic design businesses, especially those that are self-owned, this means the field is becoming progressively competitive. If you’re thinking of starting your own graphic design business, don’t lose hope—there are tips and strategies that can help you market your graphic design business so that you can build a client base.

Build Relationships and Learn From Them

Whether you’ve been in the business for a while or you’re just starting out, building relationships through networking will play a critical role in developing your business further. Not only can such connections help build your name and reputation, but there’s also a chance they can give you insider information and tips that you didn’t know. When you make these connections, you should also take the time to observe what these other professionals do and don’t do well. You can learn from their strengths and improve on their mistakes to better yourself.

Utilize Social Media

Many artists aren’t comfortable with marketing and advertising themselves, but to build your own graphic design business, you have to be okay with showing yourself off. Using social media and adding plenty of tags to your posts can help you reach a much wider audience. Keep in mind that different demographics use different social media sites, and some art forms are better captured through photos rather than process videos. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you’re comfortable with and who your intended audience is.

Create a Physical and Online Portfolio

Creating an online portfolio that’s high-quality and easy to navigate is incredibly important, but so is creating a physical portfolio. As a graphic artist, your art will be online half of the time, and the other half will likely be in print. Clients need to see what your art looks like in both forms—it makes a difference! Although you’re not in the print business, high-quality printing can help show off your business and further position you as an expert.

Have a User-friendly Website

The easier it is for clients to find your information and get in contact with you, the more likely it is that people will reach out to you. Your website should include your portfolio, your contact info, your social media profiles, and links to any prints or products you sell. However, a poorly fashioned website will turn customers away, so make sure your UI is simple, effective, and easy to navigate. Having all your information in one easily digestible space will increase your chances of catching a client!

No matter how you decide to market your graphic design business, don’t be afraid to show your work off in every way possible! The more confident you are in your work, the more clients will take confidence in you.

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