Blogcation?  Twittercation?  Are people just making up words now?

This week the Blogging Angels discuss whether or not you can take a break from blogging and tweeting without negative repercussions. Will your clout suffer?  What about  your Klout?  And should you care?

They also discuss what happens when you whine publicly about opportunities you’re not getting or try to shamelessly mine other bloggers for their hard-earned contacts and connections.  For starters, Amy will make this face:

And the Golden Halos go to:

Rebecca gave a Golden Halo to her sister Jess Levey‘s site (angels love nepotism), Rising Shutterbug.  Want to learn how to take awesome pictures?  Check it out.  She also gave one to the site 4 Suitcases, about a family that took off for a  year of adventures, leaving jobs, schools and suburbs behind.

Nancy gave a Golden Halo to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere, which gives some much-needed perspective on what’s going on outside of the momblogger world.  She also gave a Golden Halo to Golin Harris, for putting on a fantastic event for Nintendo.

Amy gave her Golden Halo to one of the funniest sites on the whole entire web, 27B/6.com.  Whether trying to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider or helping a coworker find her lost cat, David Thorne‘s humor is genius.

Heidi gave her Golden Halo to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which she got to visit during a fabulous trip to Universal Studios in Florida (courtesy of her husband’s job – angels also love disclosure).

And Nancy gave a bonus Halo to Danny, Heidi’s son, who stayed quiet through the entire recording session. :-)

What we also talked about…

Amy uses Tweetdeck a lot.  Unless she has serious work to do, then she has to turn it off.

Compete, Alexa and Quantcast are three websites commonly used by PR firms to determine blog traffic.

And GayNYCDad got some love from Nancy.



Blogging For Dollars: How To & How Not To

by Blogging Angels on October 27, 2010

Mom bloggers and money: if you’re not Dooce or The Pioneer Woman, is there any to be made?

The good news is, yes.  This week the Blogging Angels discuss how their blogs make them money, whether directly through advertising and sponsored posts or indirectly through conference sponsorships or freelance writing jobs.

The bad news?  For most of us, blogging will not be a path to getting rich.  But money isn’t the only reason we’re blogging, right?  If we just wanted to make money we’d go work for somebody else!

Our Golden Halos (plus some devil horns!) for the week:

Rebecca gave devil horns to NYC School Food, for still serving chocolate milk with HFCS when there are many other chocolate milk options out there.

In contrast, Rebecca gave her halo to Wellness in the Schools.

Nancy gave her halo to @ProBlogger, because he can help you make money with your blog.

Heidi gave her golden halo to Another Lunch, which gives great ideas on making interesting lunches for your kids.

Amy gave her halo to Liz at Mom 101, for being a brilliant voice of reason in the sometimes hyper world of mom blogging.

And we also discussed…

Amy had great success with Blogads.com back when her main blog was FilmingInBrooklyn.com, but not so much on SelfishMom.com

OpenSky is a completely new way of selling products through your blog, and Ted Rubin is always happy to answer questions.

Adsense also did not work well for Amy, but some blogs make a ton off of Adsense ads.

It’s not just all about blog stats: your reach on Twitter and Facebook is important too.

Some different ways to track stats are Google Analytics, Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast.

PhD In Parenting had a good post about the HFCS debacle (as did Mom 101).