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Our Best and Worst of 2011

by Angel Amy on December 30, 2011

Looking back on 2011 a lot happened. So much it’s hard to believe that it all happened in just one year! But it did, and we’re giving you an entire Halos and Horns episode – what we loved and hated last year working with brands and navigating the mom blogging universe.

And yes, the Blogging Angels’ furry mascot, Bentley, was quite vocal during the first part of this episode. We think he’s upset that he doesn’t have his own mic.

This week’s links

Rebecca attended the Mom Congress conference in Washington D.C. as the representative from New York State.

Nancy loved an Intel event at held Olives (we all love Intel – even Amy is happy to get off of her couch for them).

Heidi loved the Skylanders launch event, which included pjs for the kids!

Ford gave bloggers time with Bill Ford Jr., which Heidi thought was special.

Jen Wagner’s event for Popcap Games, at EN Japanese Brasserie, was a favorite for Rebecca.

Corrine Ingrassia got a shout-out from Nancy for the KidzVuz event at BlogHer.

Gay NYC Dad got a shoutout from Rebecca for…coupons? :-)

Nicole Feliciano is an example of a blogger whose kids are no longer in diapers who still writes about baby products, as opposed to us Angels. Target your pitches well!

Ford, Playstation and Microsoft got special mentions from Heidi.

Jennifer Perillo is a good example of how the “online” and “in real life” friendships have blurred this year, and we think that’s a move in the right direction.

We hope you had a great year! You’ll be hearing from us next from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where we’ll be talking about the hottest, weirdest, and most interesting new tech products that may be coming to stores and websites near you.

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Questions, money and badmouthing

by Angel Amy on June 6, 2011

Burning bridges. Résumés. Newsletter. Money. Twitter parties. Invoicing. It’s a potpourri. We’re answering listener questions and talking about how to keep your name out there.

This week’s links

Nikki, @MommyFactor on twitter, started us off with a couple of great questions about what to do when PR people don’t follow through, and what to do when you’ve shared info with a company that ends up not working with you.

LinkedIn. Are you in?

Angel Heidi had to run early, but gave her golden halo to Sparked.

Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are two companies that can help you with newsletters.

The Angels LOVE Fresh Direct (the three of us who live in NYC are loyal customers). But we did not have a good experience trying to work with them.

Amy Lupold Bair, @ResourcefulMom on twitter: the queen of the twitter parties.

Angel Amy discovered Intuit’s Billing Manager at Blissdom in 2010. [NOTE: Listener Lisa (@NewYorkChica on twitter) let the Angels know that Billing Manager is no longer accepting new sign-ups. Angel Amy checked it out and discovered that the Billing Manager service is being discontinued as of September 2011. After getting up from the fetal position Amy started looking into other free invoicing programs, and settled on testing out the following: Zoho, Billing Boss, Invoice Expert, and Volutive. She will be trying them out and reporting on them in a future podcast.]

Angel Rebecca uses Mint to keep track of her finances.

And a tip from Rebecca: do NOT invoice through PayPal.

Amy is in love with her Cuisinart stand mixer, recommended to her by Jennifer Perillo @JenniferPerillo on twitter).

Wendi Aaron’s post about product placement.

The Kitchen Couple designed Rebecca’s IKEA kitchen, which she loves. And now she’s discovered IKEA Hackers.

Amy posted a couple of amazing videos about people who have transformed teeny tiny apartments into amazing living spaces, and Nancy introduced us to the crocheted apartment (ick).

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