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by Angel Amy on March 26, 2012

We were thrilled to have two great guests up to our swank Upper West Side studio recently for an engaging session about a new website, Launching Mom, designed to help moms who are also entrepreneurs connect and share resources.

Those two guests were Heather Reinhard (@ThetaMom) and Corine Ingrassia (@ComplicatedMama) who are also bloggers, with the sites Theta Mom and Complicated Mama, respectively.

With so many women-owned businesses starting up (especially online) and looking for a community and resources, Corine and Heather want Launching Mom to be their go-to place. They joined the Blogging Angels to talk about collaborating, grass roots promotion, and balance.

This week’s links

Heather and Corine built their site on the Ning platform, which is easy to maintain, and scalable. Mom Bloggers Club is also built on Ning.

Heather is a brand ambassador for

Trumpeting Media and Splash Creative are examples of partnerships with more than two partners. started out as a husband-and-wife team, but investors don’t like married couples.

Nancy cites Silicon Valley Moms as a good reason to make sure you have a partnership agreement in place just in case problems arise.

Between the offensive ads and the elephant kerfuffle, is a very divisive company in the mom blogging community. Making a rock video out of an elephant hunting trip didn’t help.

Liz Gumbinner made very good points after the Super Bowl as to why David Beckham in his underwear is OK but the girls are not.

Kim Moldofsky’s (Mom Impact) presentation at Blissdom (you can see the slideshow here) about what bloggers make was anonymous, but Cecily K’s (Upper Case Woman) post for MomCrunch was not.

Amy gave her Golden Halo to, which is basically home design porn. Many thanks to Jill Asher for telling her about it.

Rebecca gave her Golden Halo to the new weekly podcast on Slate about grammar, Lexicon Valley.

Corine gave hers to all of the bloggers who showed support for Susan Niebur and her family in the time leading up to Susan’s death, and Audrey McClelland while her husband Matt was in the hospital.

Nancy gave hers to a new anonymous blog, Snaps to my Wild Hair, which she thinks is written by her friend Alice, but doesn’t know for sure.

And Heather gave a bonus halo to, since co-owners Nancy and Rebecca are the very definition of Launching Moms.

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2 Charlenevans April 11, 2012 at 3:11 am

I love the idea of corroborating with your guests. You can give all your readers and followers more  ideas and helpful tips about a certain topic.
I’m sure launching moms could gain many “moms” too! Good luck! 
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3 Margareth April 13, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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4 jennifer May 8, 2012 at 12:54 am

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