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by Angel Amy on July 13, 2011

So some days we want to be helpful, and some days we just want to sit around and bitch. Which is why Amy will be bringing Crazy Bitch Tea to the next recording session – thanks so much to the ladies who make it for recognizing us as their bitchy target demographic and sending us some!.

So what are we harping on this time? From handwriting to people who think technology is the devil’s work to intrusive ads, we getting it off our chests.

We love Mabel’s Labels! Wait, that wasn’t a complaint. But we’re complaining about all the stuff kids have to bring to sleepaway camp.

Heidi mentioned a new site called Altly, which is supposed to be like facebook, but with privacy settings you will actually understand!

Common Sense Media is developing a Digital Driver’s License – we love this idea, and so does Bill Clinton!

Amy doesn’t know what to do with comments. Do you answer every one? Do you end each post asking for them? Do you beg for comments on twitter and facebook? What do you do when comments get nasty? We want to hear how you handle comments on your blog.

And oh, the no-follow attribute! Back in the day (2005) google decided that it was going to get rid of comment spam by making sure that spammers got absolutely no SEO benefit in the google search engine by getting their spammy comments posted on sites and blogs. (Read here for a much better definition of no-follow than Amy was trying to give on the podcast.) However, lots of people think the whole idea sucks.

Heidi, who is pretty much incapable of complaining and being mean (and we love her for it!), gave a golden halo to Little Passports.

And Nancy must have used up all of her bitchiness earlier because she gushed about the ease of starting a blog with Weebly.

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We’d love for you to weigh in! Leave a comment, we’ll talk back.

And to all of you who complained about only being able to leave a comment on facebook and not on our website…we listened. You can now leave a comment anywhere, we’re just glad you’re commenting!

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1 Tracie July 13, 2011 at 1:51 am

I do prefer to be able to comment here. Yay.
I want my kid to have a paintbrush, and write with a pen and paper (and in cursive too!) and color, and read books printed on paper. It is important to me….but she does have computer time every day, and use email, etc. I think it is about balance.
TOTALLY remember getting chain letters in real mail when I was a kid.
oooh! The comment conversation is a really big subject. I started out answering every comment through email (I’m on blogger, blech, so doing it in the comment section is rather pointless) but I’m finding that I just don’t have time for that anymore, and yes, sometimes I feel a little guilty about that. At this point, I try to answer any comment that asks a questions, or starts a dialogue, or is really interesting (is it awful to say that some comments just aren’t interesting?).
As far as asking for comments is concerned, I do end most posts with some sort of questions. Partly to encourage comments, but also because it feels like it wraps up the post to me. I post links on facebook and twitter, but I have never actually asked someone to come leave a comment. I think I would feel embarrassed to do that.
Those trackback ads freak me out too!! I’ve noticed them more and more lately on blogs. Not only did it creep me out about the ad/store, it creeped me out about the blog too. Whatever that catalogue is, I hope it never finds its way to my house, although it does sound hilarious.
Great podcast, as always!


2 Tracie July 13, 2011 at 1:52 am

I promise that my comment above had spaces in between “paragraphs” when I typed it…it just didn’t come out that way when published. eeek. That is one huge block of text up there. sorry.


3 Angel Amy July 13, 2011 at 2:54 pm

Oh I know, I hate that! I don’t know why that happens in wordpress but it drives me crazy. don’t worry, we know it’s not your fault. :-)

And about the asking for comments thing? I would be embarrassed too! Unless maybe it was someone I knew very well. But there are a few very big bloggers who look very impressive because each post has tons of comments. But if they browbeat other people to leave comments the way they’ve browbeaten me, then it’s all a big sham.


4 geekbabe July 17, 2011 at 11:19 pm

Just popping in to tell you all that I find your podcasts to be a really rich resource, not only do you speak with authority on a wide range of great toppics but you do so with a warmth & humor that makes your listeners come away feeling like they’ve received advice from good friends.
Besides, the podcast format is brilliant, I can listen & learn while doing other vital life work, never before has folding laundry been this interesting:)
Thanks for all you do ladies, you are a credit to the tech blogging community.


5 geekbabe July 17, 2011 at 11:22 pm

I typed in paragraphs, honest to God I did & I really do know how to spell “topics” typing while eating Cheetos probably wasn’t such a good idea ;)


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